Career and Professional Advancement Programs

Non-degree programs and certifications that can help you develop a new career skill or advance up the corporate ladder.

At Lake Erie College, we understand that not every pathway to success will look the same. Regardless of what your career path looks like, we want to support you in your mission to grow in your field.

That's why Lake Erie College is proud to offer Career and Professional Advancement Programs that will help you obtain additional skillsets to add to your resume.

Non-Degree Program Categories

All of our non-degree programs so far fall into 1 of 3 categories.

  • Applied Technical Skills

    Applied Technical Skills refers to our technical skill programs. Right now, Lake Erie College is proud to offer HVACR technician certification program.

  • Applied Professional Skills

    Applied Professional Sills refers to courses and certificates of completion that will provide professionals with hands-on communication and work skills. Request information about our upcoming Conflict and Negotiation Skills Mastery Module.

  • Advanced Skills for Teachers

    Lake Erie College offers several different career advancement opportunities for teachers. Teachers can work with our Center for Professional Development to learn new skills and enhance their classrooms. Contact Jenn Miller, Director of the Center for Professional Development at:

Applied Technical Skills


Lake Erie College offers an 11-month evening program, cumulating in students obtaining a HVACR technician certification through the National Coalition of Certification Center (NC3).

This program is perfect for working professionals that wish to expand their careers into the HVACR industry. Professionals who get their HVACR certification might be able to secure long-term career progression as well as salary increases down the road.

Applied Professional Skills

Professional Development for Teachers

Teachers looking to renew their licensures or expand upon their working knowledge can register for our Professional Development Programs.

All courses offered through the Center of Professional Development are graduate level, taught by instructors who have Master's Degrees and years of experience working in K-12 education. We have flexible options for how you can take the course, including pass-fail credit and independent study options.

Conflict and Negotiation Skills Mastery Module

Lake Erie College offers a Conflict and Negotiation Skills Mastery non-credit program, wherein students looking to add this to their skillsets can earn a certificate of completion.

These are not offered within any degree seeking program. Instead, students can take these fully online modules to learn how to navigate conflict and negotiation within the workforce. This course is great for people hoping to move up into managerial levels or fresh college graduates looking to add to their resumes.

Once they've finished the course, students will receive a certificate of completion to prove that they've completed the modules and relevant skills. This program is expected to launch at a future date.

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Request Information about the Conflict Communications Skills Mastery Course